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Volume 3


March 2002

Volume 1 - July 1996   Volume 2 - June 1998   Volume 3 - March 2002
Charter and Bylaws Page

  • To Have Fun, Learn, Share, Grow, Play.
  • To provide an open board gaming environment for gaming enthusiasts and any other interested parties.
  • To promote playing games of all kinds.
  • To teach, bond, compete and communicate with others.
  • To provide services which promote the board gaming hobby
Current Services:
  • Convention Information
  • Eight Locations
  • Games Day Convention
  • GCOM Flyer
  • GCOM News
  • GCOM t-shirts
  • GCOM Web Page
  • Invitations to special events
  • Listing of all known local gaming events
  • Member Recognition
  • Open Gaming space
  • Personalized club business cards
  • Use of games and gaming equipment
  • Weekly communication and gaming news via e-mail list
  • Yahoo e-mail group for improved communication
Services to come:
  • New and improved website
  • Group discounts for game purchases
  • More impact and involvement with the hobby
  • More Advertising
Current Locations and Hosts:
  • Aberdeen. Host: Bob Suckling.
  • Baltimore.- Alphabet Soup. Host: Hal Haag.
  • Columbia. Host: Michele Goldstein.
  • Cyberspace. Host: Jim Sparks.
  • Laurel. Host: Brian Sutton.
  • Potomac. Host: Wei-Hwa Huang.
  • Reisterstown. Host: Keith Levy.
  • Westminister. Host: Neil Mciver.
Membership Contributions:
  • Membership is free.
  • Bring your favorite games.
  • Positive Mental Attitude - P. M. A.
  • Sportsmanship, fair play, flexibility, open-mindedness, patience and communication.
  • Snacks and beverages.
  • Membership Level Coming Soon: Voting rights with other special benefits.
Member Categories:
  • Active members  Gamers that are currently active in the club and come to GCOM gaming sessions at least once every two months.
  • Members  Gamers that attend GCOM gaming sessions once or twice a year with most being active members in the past.
  • Past Members  Gamers that were active members in the past and no longer attend GCOM gaming sessions. Most have moved out of the area or have lost interest in GCOM. (We hope to see them again some time.)
  • Honorary members  Gamers that have never been active with GCOM, but have made a significant contrubutions to the existance of Games Club of Maryland.
  • Non members  Gamers that play at GCOM sessions but do not wish to be recognized as a GCOM member.
Active Members:
  • Andrew Bergstrom
    Scott Buckwalter
    Tony Cadden
    Susan Dyer
    Chuck Frascati
    Paul Gauniel
    Roy Gibson
    Lisa Goldstein
    Michelle Goldstein
    Hal Haag
    Stan Hilinski
    Doug Hoylman
    Wei-Hwa Huang
    Jonathan Hutchinson
    Victor Hutchinson
    Eric Hymowitz
    Joe (JJ) Jaskiewicz
    Daniel Karp
    Bryan Kornele
    Keith Levy
    Peter Martin
    Matthew Mason
    Neil McIver
    Doug Mercer
    Teresa Nardo
    Tony Nardo
    Steven Quade
    Brian Rapp
    Michael Reiner
    John Paul (JP) Roberts
    Sybil Roland
    Ed Rothenheber
    Rich Shipley
    Chris Shockey
    Harold Siegelman
    Joeseph Slayton
    Jim Sparks
    Brian Stallings
    Bob Suckling
    Brian Sutton
    Tim Swartz
    Jamie Tang
    Robert Waters
    John Weber
    Jim Yerkey

  • Bill Acheson
    Erick Amick
    Mike Bartman
    Mary Baxter
    Eric Haas
    Dan Hoffman
    Ken Kaufman
    Bruce Kohrn
    Amy Laheist
    Pierre LeBoeuf
    Anita Locke
    Mark Love
    Carol Mathias
    Dan Mathias
    Charlene Meyer
    Kristin Meyer
    Nathan Meyer
    Steve Meyer
    Kurt Miller
    John Nestor
    Kurt Schlegel
    Jeff Spaner
    Forest Speck
    Denise Stallings
    Mandy Stallings
    Stuart Tucker
    Mac Walter
    Beth Waters

Past Members:
  • Travis Burns
    Jeff Clark
    David Edelstein
    Chris Esko
    Ben Farr
    Brian Fender
    Keith Feldman
    Scott Goldberg
    David Hiller
    Ed Karpiwith
    John Kinnear
    Kevin Lanada
    Joey Leanu
    Robert Martinez
    Michael Pustilnik
    Mark Simonitch
    Chris Stockwell
    Mac Walter

Honorary Members:
  • Don Greenwood
    John Renard
    Bill Scott
    Wayne Smith

  • We don't know who you are , but feel free to speak up any time.
    I estimate an additional five Active Members and thirty Members from this category if we had their information.

History Update from 1998 to present:
  • Bob Suckling opens GCOM-Belair at Stratgeic Castle in June 1999
  • Wei-Hwa Huang's Potomac Gaming Group (playing since the late 1980's ) joins GCOM in June 1999.
  • Michelle Goldstein opens Columbia branch in July 1999.
  • Jim Sparks opens Cyberspace location in May 2000. This is our first computer gaming group.
  • GCOM-Belair at Strategic castle closes in August 2001.
  • Bob Suckling opens Aberdeen Branch in September 2001.
  • Victor Hutchinson opens Frederick location in July 2001 and closes in November 2001.
  • Neil McIver opens Westminister branch in September 2001.
  • Hal Haag opens Baltimore branch featuring Alphabet Soup in March 2002.
  • Don Greenwood inducted as an honorary member due to his continued support of GCOM over recent years. He continually refers gamers to our club via e-mail. Columbia Host Michelle Goldstein was referred to GCOM by Don. Don is also responsible for my first contact with Bill Scott in 1992.
  • GCOM reaches 100 members in September 2001.
  • Founder Keith Levy holds GCOM's first offical "Getting Organized" meeting on March 8th, 2002. Attendance is high and the meeting goes well overall. Attempts are made to have GCOM make more of an impact to the Gaming hobby. We discuss: a GCOM board of Diectors, regular face to face "business" meetings, advertising, a GCOM convetion in the fall, a improved website, an improved Games Day, more member imput and involvement, a new level of GCOM membership giving voting rights and improved benefits.
  • Website
    • Website content is maitained by GCOM founder Keith Levy.
    • Two e-mail lists are established sometime in 2000.
    • GCOM-Potomac and GCOM-Aberdeen have thier own location websites.
    • Our gamer e-mail list steadily grows to its current level of 145 gamers.
    • Attempts are made to list major gaming conventions and all local gaming events and on the website.
    • Attempts are made to establish hyperlinks to all other area gaming groups.
    • JP Roberts takes over as webmaster in March 2002 and attempts to update the GCOM website
  • Games Day
    • Keith decides to move Games Day out of the GCOM-Reisterstown location in May 2000. Forty four gamers show up the first year at the Ramada Inn in Pikesville. The space was only slighty largely than GCOM-Reisterstown and very expensive. In 2001 we obtained the Cockeysville Volunteer Fire Hall space through GCOM member Scott Buckwalter. The fire hall holds up to 150 people and it is reasonably priced. In May 2001 our attendance was at fifty people. In 2002 we attempt to organize some scheuled gaming through the efforts of Rich Shipley.
  • Reisterstown Location
    • Attendance slows to an average of only six gamers through the fall of 2001. Host Keith Levy changes gaming session schedule to alternating Wedensdays and Fridays in February 2002.
Keith Levy
9 Augusta Wood Ct.
Reisterstown, MD.  21136