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A new type of GCOM location? Read on...

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The Games Club of Maryland is proud to announce GCOM Limited.

The current system of GCOM locations has been a great way to build a network of gamers throughout the area. Everyone is welcome to come play games and meet other gamers.

The way current locations work will not be affected by this new type of session.

There are some types of games that don't work as well with the current open gaming focused locations. For example, roleplaying campaigns and boardgames that may take more than one session are best played with a dedicated group rather than an open session. GCOM's purpose as stated in the bylaws is to promote and service games of all kinds, so a new type of location is needed that will add to what GCOM is now.

GCOM Limited is a new location type that will have regular meetings with limited attendance. To establish a GCOM Limited session, a member contacts the GCOM Board with a description of the session. Upon approval, the session will be added to the GCOM website with the other locations.

The description on the location page will have information on the schedule and types of games that are played there. Contact information will be listed so gamers can let a host know they are interested in attending in case a new player is needed. Attendance should be kept so GCOM member information is kept up to date. A record of games played will be useful for interested attendees. Members must contact the location Host for an invitation prior to attending.

This will also open up hosting opportunities to those who have limited space, miniatures gamers, and probably other things we haven't thought of. By allowing sessions with limited attendance, we will expand the gaming opportunities available in GCOM.

Contact the GCOM Board of Directors at gamesclubofmaryland@gmail.com.

Webmaster's Note:
All GCOM Limited locations will be listed along with the standard GCOM locations on the Locations page. They will be noted with a "LTD" in the location's name. They MAY OR MAY NOT appear on the Google Map with a marker.