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Here you will find all of the contact information for the GCOM Founder, Board, location hosts/coHosts and Webmaster.

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All U.S. Postal mail accepted at:
All Payments address:
(make Checks payable to)
Games Club of Maryland
P.O. Box 205
Hanover, MD 21076
You can e-mail the Games Club of Maryland at gamesclubofmaryland@gmail.com
or contact these members directly:
Game DaysJack Ridgeway
EuroQuestNormal Rule
GCOM MembershipEric Haas
GCOM LocationsMichelle Hymowitz
GCOM Game LibraryRodney Bacigalupo
GCOM SuggestionsJack Ridgeway
GCOM WebmasterEric B. Hymowitz

Michelle Hymowitz

GCOM President
Michelle  Hymowitz

Rodney Bacigalupo

GCOM Vice-President
Rodney  Bacigalupo

Jeff Thornsen

GCOM Treasurer
GCOM logo

Eric Haas

GCOM Secretary
Eric  Haas

Bob Oliver

GCOM Director-at-Large
GCOM logo

Scott Patten

GCOM Director-at-Large
GCOM logo

Jack Ridgeway

GCOM Director-at-Large
GCOM logo

Ann Marie Rudolph

GCOM Director-at-Large
GCOM logo

Jose Smith

GCOM Director-at-Large
GCOM logo

Eric B. Hymowitz

GCOM Webmaster
Eric B. Hymowitz

Rodney Bacigalupo

GCOM Game Librarian
Rodney  Bacigalupo