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(over the last )

1. Terraforming Mars: Prelude 2948
2. AuZtralia 1969
3. Azul 1961
4. Century: Spice Road 1955
5. Terraforming Mars: Venus Next 1954
6. Obsession 1953
7. Sheriff of Nottingham 999
8. Rokoko 995
9. Auf Achse 994
10. Castles of Mad King Ludwig 994
Each time a game is played at a GCOM event or meeting, an entry is made in the database. Only one entry is made per game per event/meeting day. Each entry is worth 1000 points. Each entry loses 1 point for each day since that entry was made.

When this page is displayed, a calculation is made for each game based upon the number and age of its entries. The longer it has been since a game has been played, the fewer points it gets. Events or meetings older than two years will be ignored.

WEBMASTER'S NOTE: This list is only as accurate as those entering the "Games Played" make it. If you are a location or event host, please take a few minutes soon after each meeting and update your Games Played!!! If you just can't get to it, please email the webmaster with the date of the event/meeting and the games played.

All Games Played (over the selected time period)
Auf Achse    AuZtralia    Azul    Carroll County Cake Swap    Castles of Mad King Ludwig   
Century: Spice Road    Cinque Terre    Coimbra    Concordia    Labyrinthe   
Merchant of Venus    Merchant of Venus    Mystic Vale    Obsession    Pandemic   
Rokoko    Sagrada: 5 and 6 player expansion    Saint Petersburg    Sheriff of Nottingham    Small World: Sky Islands   
Squirrel or Die    Takenoko    Takenoko: Chibis    Terraforming Mars    Terraforming Mars: Hellas & Elysium   
Terraforming Mars: Prelude    Terraforming Mars: Venus Next    Tichu    Ticket to Ride    Trans Europa   
Union Pacific    Valeria: Card Kingdoms