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Volume 2


June 1998

Volume 1 - July 1996   Volume 2 - June 1998   Volume 3 - March 2002
Charter and Bylaws Page

  • To Have Fun, Learn, Share, Grow, Play.
  • To provide an open board gaming environment for gaming enthusiasts and any other interested parties.
  • To promote playing games of all kinds.
  • To teach, bond, compete and communicate with others.
  • To provide services which promote the board gaming hobby
Current Services:
  • Open Gaming space.
  • Use of games and gaming equipment.
  • Club Flyer.
  • Club bulletin board.
  • Quarterly newsletter featuring upcoming sessions, club happenings, special events, local convention information, club member profiles, announcements and philosophies.
  • Discounts on conventions sponsored by GCOM.
  • Invitations to special events.
  • Web page.
Services to come:
  • Personalized club business cards.
  • Club t-shirts.
  • Other services yet to be discovered.
Membership Contributions:
  • Membership is free.
  • Bring your favorite games.
  • Positive Mental Attitude - P. M. A.
  • Sportsmanship, fair play, flexibility, open-mindedness, patience and communication.
  • Snacks and beverages.
Member Categories:
  • Active members. Gamers that are currently active in the club and come to gaming sessions on a regular basis.  They come to gaming sessions at least once a month.
  • Members.  Gamers that come to gaming sessions a few times a year.  Attendance is about two to three times a year.  Most of these members were active members in the past.
  • Past members.  Most of these gamers were active members in the past.  Some have moved out of town.  Some have had schedule changes and some have lost interest.
  • Honorary members.  Four of these gamers, Charles Hickok, Ewan Mcnay, Justin Thompson and Jon Zug,  traveled long distance to attend  Games day '98.  Justin and Jon are organizers of the Prezcon Convention.  Charles and Ewan are History of the World players from Prezcon.  Three, Wayne Smith, John Wasserman and John Renard had significant involvement in gaming with Keith in the early days before there was organized group playing.  Bill Scott introduced me to conventions and communication with the outside gaming world.  If it were not for Bill there may have never been a games club.
Active Members:
  • Mark Bassett
    Mike Ehlers
    Chuck Frascati
    Paul Gauniel
    Dave Hammann
    Michael Hart
    Joe Jaskiewicz
    Keith Levy
    Kurt Miller
    Mike Reiner
    Ed Rothenheber
    Tim Rothenhoefer
    Scott Rowe
    Jeff Sagel
    Crystal Shipley
    Rich Shipley
    Beth Waters
    Robert Waters
    John Weber
    David Wetzel

  • Tony Cadden
    Dave Chicote
    Ben Knight
    Bruce Kohrn
    Jason Roach
    Jeff Spaner
    Jim Sparks
    Brian Sutton

Past Members:
  • Travis Burns
    Jeff Clark
    David Edelstein
    Chris Esko
    Ben Farr
    Brian Fender
    Keith Feldman
    Scott Goldberg
    David Hiller
    Ed Karpiwith
    John Kinnear
    Kevin Lanada
    Joey Leanu
    Robert Martinez
    Michael Pustilnik
    Mark Simonitch
    Chris Stockwell
    Mac Walter

Honorary Members:
  • Charles Hickok
    Ewan Mcnay
    John Renard
    Bill Scott
    Wayne Smith
    Justin Thompson
    John Wasserman
    John Zug

History Update from 1995 to present:
  • In August 1995 Rich Shipley joined the gaming group.  Rich had a large collection of new games, which he continually brought to the gaming sessions.  Having a supply of different games to play on a regular basis was great succuss in keeping attendance levels high and in bringing new gamers to the club.  Club session attendance remained steady throught 1995 to 1996.

  • Once advertisement in the General began on a regular basis membership gradually increased.  Regular members Dave Hammond and Ben Knight remain tireless in their efforts to consistently introduce new gamers to the club.  Attendance levels average at around ten to twelve gamers per session through to March 1997.

  • In April 1997 Games Club of Maryland moves.  Rich Shipley and Ed Rothenheber are gracious enough to have Games Club of Maryland sessions at their homes while Keith Levy is waiting for his new home and the new Games Club of Maryland to be built in Reisterstown.  Gaming sessions are fewer, during the transition.  Brian Sutton starts to have regular gaming sessions at his home on Tuesday evenings. Brain asks Keith if he can use the name, Games Club of Maryland.  The second location of the club is born in Laurel.  Rich Shipley starts to have monthly gaming sessions on Saturdays in Joppatowne.  Rich wanting to have a name for his gaming club, Keith suggest using Games Club of Maryland.   The third location of the club is born in Joppatowne.

  • In June 1997 the new home of Games Club of Maryland is complete.  Regular gaming sessions resume in full force in July 1997.  Despite the further traveling distance of fiftieth minutes further away for ninety percent of the members attendance is not adversely affected.  Not one member is lost due the move.  Games Club of Maryland members are a dedicated group of people.  Regular attendance remains at about twelve gamers per session.

  • Games Day '98, Games Club of Maryland weekend open gaming session, on May 2nd and 3rd, 1998, is a success.  There was a total of  twenty eight gamers in attendance, with four people from out of state.  A new attendance record was set at twenty two during Games Day.  In late May 1998, Keith buys a Maryland state flag, one of the symbols to stand for Games Club of Maryland.  The flag currently flies during Games Club of Maryland sessions.  After a long absence of advertising in the General, due to the club move, ads start to run for new members.

  • A web page for the club is created through the help of Rich Shipley.  The page is published over the internet on July  1998.
Keith Levy
9 Augusta Wood Ct.
Reisterstown, MD.  21136