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New Year's gaming Event at GCOM Elkridge

Posted By:  name withheld, 11/21/2007 7:22:00 PM
Views:  5362

Dear all you gamers,
It certainly has been a while since last years' festivities when we had a full house of sleepover guests & lots of food and fun (except for when Hal burned his hand making bacon for breakfast...).

It's close to that time again. I am sending out this email because this year New Year's Day is on a tuesday, so the New Year's Eve "weekend" is really going to be 5 days (starting friday night, December 28th) around 5pm and then continuously through the weekend and monday & tuesday until people have to go home to get ready for work wednesday. :)
That means that there will be a need for 4 dinners, 4 breakfasts, and 4 lunches. I did most of the cooking the last two years; Anne was kind enough to make lasagna last year which was great! This year, since it will be a 5-day event, I thought I'd get people who are coming to help out & sign-up for a meal.
If you don't want to bring food for the meal, but you'd rather just contribute $$ for the meal so I can buy the ingredients & you'll help with the set up, that's fine, too. It's kind of like an RSVP that you are coming!
If you'd like me to set aside a room or space for you to sleep over, please let me know as well!

Friday, 12/28 Dinner --
Saturday, 12/29 Breakfast --
Saturday, 12/29 Lunch --
Saturday, 12/29 Dinner -- Michelle 'n Eric
Sunday, 12/30 Breakfast --
Sunday, 12/30 Lunch --
Sunday, 12/30 Dinner --
Monday, 12/31 Breakfast --
Monday, 12/31 Lunch --
Monday, 12/31 Dinner --
Tuesday, 1/1 Breakfast --
Tuesday, 1/1 Lunch --
Tuesday, 1/1 Dinner -- Leftovers!!!

Sign up early, & often! Hope to see you there!!!