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BOD Meeting Scheduled for 12/5/2004

Posted By:  Eric Haas, 11/9/2004 8:28:00 PM
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The current GCOM Board of Directors has called its last face to face meeting, prior to the new Board Members taking their positions on January 1st. The planned aganda is shown below.

The face to face meeting will take place on Sunday December 5th, 2004 at 7 PM at

GCOM Reisterstown
9 Augusta Wood CT
Reisiterstown, MD 21136

All GCOM Supporting members are invited to attend. E-mail Keith at gcom@gamesclubofmd.org if you plan on attending.

Thanks, Keith Levy, GCOM President and Founder

December 2004 GCOM Board Meeting Agenda

I. Reports/Committees Follow UP
A. Incorporating/Non Profit Status
B. Committee to Improve Website Content
C. Committee on handling of HLS Game Collection

II. Treasury Report
A. Expenses
B. Income
C. Founder Reimbursement

III. Website Report

IV. Bylaw Report/Update

V. Game Days 2005
A. Director
B. Committee
C. Format
D. Tournaments
E. Future Locations

VI. Euro Quest III - EQ Future
A. Director
B. Committee
C. Format
D. Tournaments
E. Locations