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New Board of Directors for 2005-2006

Posted By:  Eric Haas, 11/9/2004 8:24:00 PM
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The following list of GCOM Board Member candidates will take office effective January 1st, 2005.

Keith Levy- President
Scott Buckwalter - Vice President
Eric Haas - Secretary
Rich Shipley- Treasurer
Stan Hilinski - Director at Large
Michelle Hymowitz - Director at Large
JP Roberts- Director at Large

Due the situation described in number four of Article VI of the GCOM bylaws below, balloting procedures will not be necessary for the election of Board Members serving the 2005-2006 period of office, as there was only one nominee for each office. The bylaws were recently undated to cover this situation (see below). The Election Meeting previously scheduled for Sunday December 5th, 2004 will not be needed and has been cancelled.

Keith Levy, GCOM President and Founder


The Games Club of Maryland By-Laws

ARTICLE VI - Election of Board Members (Portions Updated October 21, 2004)

1. Elections shall be held every even numbered year during an Election Meeting scheduled between November 1 and December 15. The day of the Election Meeting in which elections are held shall be known as Election Day. The Board shall schedule Election Day at least 30 days in advance.

2. Any Supporting Member may be nominated to the Board by any other Supporting Member. Upon accepting the nomination, each nominee shall submit to the Secretary a list of Board positions for which he or she is running. All nominations must be submitted to the Secretary not less than 30 days prior to Election Day. Nominees may include written statements, not to exceed 300 words, along with this submission.

3. The method of election shall be the "Approval Method", whereby voters shall indicate approval or disapproval for each candidate of every board position.

4. If the slate of nominees is such that there is only one possible outcome regardless of vote totals, balloting shall not be necessary, and the nominees shall be appointed to their respective offices as if they had received a majority vote.

5. If balloting is necessary, a suitable ballot shall be made available to the membership not less than 30 days before Election Day. The ballot design must ensure confidentiality, such that individual voter preference is concealed, and security so that only qualified voters are able to submit ballots, and that qualified voters can submit only one ballot.

6. The ballot shall provide instructions for return to the Secretary prior to the Final Call for ballots during the Election Meeting on Election Day. All ballots returned to the Secretary shall remain sealed until after the Final
Call for ballots, at which time they shall all be unsealed and counted.

7. In the order of President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Directors at Large, the Board positions are evaluated as follows:
a. If the candidate winning the highest approval count for the office has not won any other office, the candidate shall be awarded that office.
b. In the event two or more candidates are tied for a single office, the winner shall be determined by having a die rolled for each tying candidate in view of all attendees at the Election Meeting. The candidate credited with the higher value shall be considered the winner of the highest approval count for that office. Ties shall not be resolved until the disposition of one of the involved candidates is being considered.
c. If the candidate winning the most votes for an office has been previously awarded a different office, that candidate shall be disqualified from that office, and the next highest vote winner shall be considered the candidate winning the most votes for the office.

d. The award process shall be repeated for each office until it is awarded to a candidate.

e. In the case of Directors at Large, candidates (the number of which correspond to the number of available positions) with the highest approval counts shall be awarded the office.

8. Preexisting officers shall retain their positions on the Board until 12:01 AM of the first day of January, at which time the newly elected Board Members shall assume office.

9. Any vacant Board position except president shall be filled by appointment approved by a simple majority vote of the Board. The appointee must be a Supporting Member and be willing to accept the appointment. Such appointments shall take effect immediately upon appointment and acceptance.