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First GCOM Board of Directors Election Results

Posted By:  name withheld, 11/21/2002 9:38:00 PM.
Last Modified By:  name withheld, .
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The First GCOM Board of Directors Results

The positions have been voted upon as follows:

Keith Levy - 37

Vice President
Scott Buckwalter - 26

Hal Haag - 23

Rich Shipley - 37

Directors at Large
JP Roberts - 30
Neil Mciver - 21
Michelle Goldstien - 19

Remainder of vote counts.
Vice President
Michelle Goldstein- 12

Scott Buckwalter - 17

Directors at Large
Scott Buckwalter- 18
Eric Haas - 13
Rich Shipley - 12
Hal Haag - 11
Keith Levy- 9
Eric Hymowitz - 6

Valid Ballots Received by 11-20-02: Thirty eight (38)
Non-valid ballots Received - seven (7)

Nine GCOM members in attendance:
Scott Buckwalter, Steve Carson, Keith Levy,
Neil Mciver, Michael Reiner, JP Roberts,
Ed Rothenheber, Rich Shipley, Chris Shockey.

Non-voting witnesses: Steve Carson, Ed Rothenheber.

Contact information for the new board of directors:
Keith Levy: gamesclubofmd@comcast.net : 410-833-4395

Vice President:
Scott Buckwalter: sbuckwalter@comcast.net

Hal Haag: halhaag@earthlink.net

Rich Shipley: rich@rtgames.com

Directors at Large
JP Roberts: jpr3@comcast.net
Neil Mciver: neil@cjmciver.com
Michelle Goldstein: michg2@msn.com

Thanks to all GCOM members that voted and/or partcipated in the first GCOM Board elections. We deeply appreciate your suppport.

Special thanks to the GCOM members that ran for a board position. We appreciate your willingness to dedicate your time and talents to GCOM.

Special thanks to Rich Shipley who organized and implemented the voting and ballot system.

Keith Levy,
President and Founder,
Games Club of Maryland