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A majority of the original reviews were submitted by Charles Bahl and Robert Waters...Thanks!!!

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Alternate Name(s) and Some Stats
Carcassonne (Rio Grande Games)
Events Played At486Last Month0
Locations Played At37Two Months0
Last Played On11/11/2023 Three Months0

Game: Carcassonne  (Rio Grande Games)
Submitted By: Charles Bahl (The Quake Coast Game Club, San Jose, CA)
Date: 1/1/2001
Views: 8799

Carcassonne by Hans im Gluck/Rio Grande is a very different kind of tile-laying game.  The tiles contain various features: cities, roads, cloisters, and farms.  On your turn you play a tile, then, if you want, you may claim one of the tile's features by placing a marker on it. Each feature garners points when it is completed.  The only exception to this are farms which are scored at the end of the game.  The game offers a nice blend of offense and defense in which you must carefully decide whether to extend your own points or to limit those of your opponents.  It is even possible with careful planning to invade your opponent's holdings and either share his points or take them away entirely.  This is a light, quick-playing strategy game, accessible to both children and adults, game fanatics and non-fanatics alike.  Highly recommended!


Game: Carcassonne  (Rio Grande Games)
Submitted By: name withheld
Date: 9/27/2004 4:10:00 PM
Views: 8430

Boardgamegeek has several variants that have been submitted by enthusiastic players. I decided to set up my deluxe set (that has all the expansions, of course) with a few more followers for each color group so that ALL the variants could be tried in one game. The variants added to the game were the Trading Post, Tax Collector, Castle, and Thieves Guild. (I won't go into the powers of each of these, you can look them up on boardgamegeek for yourself.) After a couple of playtests, we decided that some of the variants work well, but maybe not all at the same time. Carcassonne purists will not like them at all, while quite a few players like the Trading Post. The Thieves Guild seemed to be too powerful, and the Castle was only slightly more useful than the almost absolutely worthless Tax Collector. I still want to test these with other players and see if we can't add a new variant or two.