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A majority of the original reviews were submitted by Charles Bahl and Robert Waters...Thanks!!!

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Alternate Name(s) and Some Stats
Siesta (Rio Grande Games)
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Game: Siesta  (Rio Grande Games)
Submitted By: Charles Bahl (The Quake Coast Game Club, San Jose, CA)
Date: 4/1/2000
Views: 6421

If you are a fan of abstract positional games, Siesta by Goldsieber/Rio Grande is a good investment. Although in its delicate balance between attack and defense some people might find a favorable comparison with Go, Siesta is not quite like any other game that I know of. Instead of surrounding territory and capturing opposing pieces as in Go, in Siesta you attempt to score the most points by forming 'Siestas,' special formations consisting of combinations of the three types of game pieces (suns, roofs and shadows). Almost every move in Siesta incorporates both an offensive and defensive component. A player not only must be looking for ways to increase his scoring opportunities, he also must be looking for ways to block his opponent at the same time. Finding the best possible move in any given situation can be quite challenging--and fun. And Siesta is a beautifully made game with a wooden board and attractive wooden pieces. Play it at your local coffee house and you are sure to attract a crowd of onlookers.