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A majority of the original reviews were submitted by Charles Bahl and Robert Waters...Thanks!!!

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Alternate Name(s) and Some Stats
Rosenkonig (Kosmos)
Rosenkönig (Kosmos)
Events Played At2Last Month0
Locations Played At2Two Months0
Last Played On9/12/2015 Three Months0

Game: Rosenkönig  (Kosmos)
Submitted By: Charles Bahl (The Quake Coast Game Club, San Jose, CA)
Date: 1/1/2001
Views: 6751

Rosenkonig by Kosmos/Mayfair is an abstract territorial acquisition game with a War of the Roses theme stapled on purely for looks and Medieval flavor.  This game is somewhat like 3 Stones.  Move a neutral piece to a vacant space, claim the space for your own.  Object:  construct the most valuable areas.  The game is played on a 9x9 board.  The king (neutral piece) starts on the center square.  On your turn you play a power card which indicates a direction and a distance.  Move the king as indicated and mark the square with one of your tokens.  Two complications:  1) you don't refill your cards automatically at the end of your turn--in order to draw a new card you must forgo playing a card;  2)  you can use a hero card to change an opponent's space to your own--but you've only got four heroes.  This game provides a light 30-minute entertainment for two players.  Good game.  Not great, good.