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Frederick (old)
  This location is closed
Frederick (old)

Host: Cynthia Lewis
Address: Frederick  MD   21703-6810
Phone: 301-695-0508
Location Blog:   http://gamesclubofmd.blogspot.com/
Directions   (click for Mapquest map)

Located in a private home in the Wellington Trace development off of Ballenger Creek Pike. Please join the Yahoo Group or contact the hostess for the address.

Parking is not reserved; you may park in any open space.


Sessions every 2nd Saturday starting at 2 PM and ending whenever folks want to leave.

Everyone who plans on attending is encouraged to RSVP so we have an idea of how many people are going to attend and at what time(s). New attendees must RSVP.

Please join our Yahoo group for automatic reminders of upcoming games.

Click to join FrederickGames

Click to join FrederickGames

This group focuses on word, card, strategy, and board games. Role-playing and war games are normally not played.

Drinks are served free. Participants may bring munchies to share. Sometimes we order dinner or get takeout.

Adults and mature teens are welcome.

Guests are asked to remove shoes and leave them in the entryway, closet, or outside.

There are no currently scheduled upcoming meetings!

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Game Inventory (by categories)

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When this page is displayed, a calculation is made for each game based upon the number and age of its entries. The longer it has been since a game has been played, the fewer points it gets. Events or meetings older than two years will be ignored.

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