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2020 Election Candidate Statements

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Keith Levy
Director At Large

I am running for the office of Director at Large on the GCOM Board of directors for the upcoming two year office term from January 1st, 2021 to December 31st, 2022.

I plan to put my efforts towards:

a) Growing the board gaming hobby and sharing my passion.

b) Improving club organization and communications. Assist in coordinating communications with the GCOM Membership, and the board gaming public.

c) Seeking, Coordinating, and on boarding volunteers for Various Club needs including: conventions, events, Website development, Resource management, Game Library Management, Outreach, Advertising, and many other areas.

d) Assist in determining other club operational formats, should the current Board format become non-functional, and that will allow the GCOM organization to continue in a post Covid-19 world.

Have, Fun, Learn, Share, Grow, Play

Thank You,

Perrianne Lurie
Director at Large

I've retired and should be moving to Maryland sometime after the Presidential election (depending upon how long it takes me to find a place to live and arrange to move all my stuff). So I'll have time to work on GCOM next year.

Bob Oliver

GCOM has two main functions, the various gaming locations and the GCOM-sponsored events such as EuroQuest and Game Days. In the wake of Covid-19, both are hurting. The local hosts need to be supported, and GCOM should actively reach out to determine what the hosts need in both the pandemic and afterwards as gaming resumes. Our events were experiencing problems even before the pandemic, and they require action to find suitable and affordable venues as well as to expand publicity and to continue our efforts to offer a mix of both new games and old favorites.

Norman Rule

Hi, my name is Norman Rule and I'm running for the GCOM Presidency.

I discovered EuroQuest and GCOM more than a decade ago. My wife and I ran a GCOM Limited location for several years, and to this day, EuroQuest is my "home" convention.

Some of you may recognize my name from EuroQuest. I was Convention Director from 2010 to 2012. During that time, we completed a move to a new hotel, saw the single greatest attendance to that time, and survived Superstorm Sandy intact. I continued to GM several events at EQ, and last year I agreed to chair the convention again.

No amount of planning prepared us for this year! 2020 taught us that the world of gaming is changing and we need to adapt.

GCOM has already started work to improve communications tools and the website and that has to continue.

Other things I will work toward:

Broaden our volunteer base. We have a large pool of talented gamers who love the hobby and are eager to help it grow. We need to connect those people with the work that needs to be done.

Online gaming is here to stay and we need to integrate it into our world. There's limited GCOM presence on some of the gaming platforms. We need to expand that and make it easier for GCOM members to find each other. We also have to decide if/how online gaming has a place in our official events.

GCOM has a winning relationship with some of our local game stores, but we need to expand. Game stores and gamers need each other. GCOM can work with more stores to everyone's benefit.

Ultimately, I want to make sure that GCOM and our events thrive.

I'm asking for your vote to help make that happen.

Thank you.